~ Congratulations to our 2016 scholarship winner: Eliza Chance and Larkin Schultz! ~
Where are they now?! 

Virginia Williams - Currently in the TV show, Fairly Legal.  Keep up with her latest achievements here!!

A note from Virginia:
"I trained with Studio B under Debra's guidance for years when I was growing up in Memphis, TN.  The dance classes kept me fit and gave me confidence in those very formative years.  When I went away to New York for college (Fordham University at Lincoln Center) I was even about to take classes at the famed Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and continue some of the training I started with Debra.  I ultimately pursued a career in acting but am able to use the skills I learned in dance (poise, confidence, body awareness) in all of the characters  I portray.  I highly recommend dance as a fun, interactive way for children to express themselves, and Debra was a loving and passionate teacher.  I smile when I think about all of the time I was able to spend at Studio B!"

Maxx Reed - Spiderman on Broadway. Currently choreographing three Broadway Shows.

Frankie Fernandez - Graduated from Tisch School of Arts on a full scholarship. Currently performing in a dance company in NY.

Jonathan Matthews - Spent the summer with a dance company in Austria and just graduated from Tisch School of Arts. Currently performing and choreographing.

Seth Daniel - Currently has a costarring role on the TV series Nashville.

Justin Samms - Touring the country in the Broadway show Dreamgirls.

Josh Christian - On a dance scholarship with Debby Allen Dance Academy in Los Angeles and will be going to Australia in her new show Freeze Frame.